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Leather-clad Legs In Spring/Summer - Would You Do It?

Thursday, May 07, 2015

So we've all seen the leather pant here or there on Fall runways, but brace yourselves for what may appear to be one of the hardest trends to pull off. Key word being "appear". While many are focusing more on the current economic crisis, it seems that global warming has taken a backseat for now. Well that may be less than likely, but it could be a possible answer as to why leather has appeared on almost every major catwalk this Spring from Alexander McQueen to Chanel - and when Karl Lagerfeld notes something in a collection, it is best for that to be taken into consideration.

Thankfully, head-to-toe matching leather sets are not of the essence and hopefully will not be as of any time soon. The noticeably usual black hide this Spring appeared in pants, leggings, and at Rodarte in a daring thigh-high form. Leaving everyone to ponder the thought - Will I really be wearing black leather this summer?

At one point in our lives we have all seen at least one bold and brave person attempt to dress their legs in leather. Many of which were sure to end in failure. Though the task seems daunting, it can be done. For those who know their body and what works best for them, of course.

As much as we all love seeing pictures of Lily Donaldson and many alike wearing their beloved leather zip leggings, when translated from one figure to next, the end result will not always bee too pleasant. Though we all want to feel like fashions top go-to girl's at times, there is a harsh reality one needs to face before reaching for something that truly doesn't belong on their body.

How They Styled It:

Stylist Barbara Martelo pairs a body snug black leather pant and Nicholas Kirkwood heels, creating for a edgy rocker sense of style. Which all comes together with her Balmain Spring 2015 jacket that features structured shoulders.

Socialite & Vogue contributor Lauren Santo Domingo takes on a
fitted pair of leather pants, matched with a casual white button-down
and black double-breasted coat and Yves Saint Laurent sandals. Which
can all only be viewed as something to take note of.

3.) Rihanna opts for Rodarte's Spring 2015 galters, denim cut-offs, Acne suede peep toe boots, and ear-to-ear earrings. Not something that I recommend you to wear, but
something that works for Rihanna's more daring choice in dress.


Nikyta said...

wear them whenever

diamondsinchampagne said...

I think it's a fab look if you have the right legs. I am yet to try them, so god knows what they will look like on me. I like the edgy look to them... I am in love with those Rodarte ones, how fabulous!

TheCat said...

Of course. I just bought a pair of leather-like leggings and I'm going to wear them until death...
I think they are perfect for summer crazy nights

Dexter said...

I like Barbara's leather pants combined with the Kirkwood heels [I like basically everything with Kirkwood heels:D] and I am fascinated by Rihanna's look lately, with those ear-to-ear earrings in particular.
I totally agree, however, with diamondsinchampagne, that all these clothes would look terrible on you if you don't have the right legs.

Inspiration Archery said...

i so would infact i baught a pair off ebay with aligator imprint on them. there gunna rock the shit

Anonymous said...

I'm in love with leather pants something about them just drives me wild. I don't even know what to say about them...for some people they are just wrong as you said, but I seriously can't get enough!!!

zoe aka drinkupthefashion said...

i was thinking of the dilemma that leather leggings could present in the summer. i tried on some leather leggings at a store and i felt realllly warm. i know i couldn't wear them in the summer. even though they'd look really cool. i think they're better for mild spring/fall days. and they couldn't survive a chicago winter.

and yeah, you have to have the right legs for leather leggings...more specifically, skinny ones, because they show everything!

Sydnie said...

Those leather galters are amazing. I would definately wear them. I think it depends on the outfit for it to be acceptable to have leather-clad legs or not. But I must admit ... I am partial to anything leather!

thischicksgotstyle said...

I think if it's not to warm, it can be great! Pair it with a loose sheer white T and your good to go :D
Pretty pictures by the way! Not sure yet if I like the galters or not.

districtofchic said...

You bet I would if I had the $. Do a post on leather look for less. I want to know where I can get some Rodarte galters rip-offs!

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