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Smart Shopping - Louis Vuitton Spring 2015 For Less

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Tribal chic or just simply going back to basics? For his Spring 2015 collection at Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs took a different approach to the Louis Vuitton woman. Still full of her eccentricity and true Parisian way of dress, African undertones were spotted all throughout. From the leopard print bags to the python obi-cinched waists, the collections ethnic influences are a new resort to the boring ensembles that might plague your wardrobe.

Stripes, feathers, and animal skins - where does one start when trying to achieve the look. Simple, with the basic key pieces. As refreshing as the countless feathered dresses & skirts were whilst presented on the runway, chances are you would not dare attempt one in your everyday life. Thus leaving us with countless looks that can easily be thrust upon today's woman without any complication or hassle. From stripes sweaters to denim skirts and balloon sleeve button-ups, some items necessary may already be lurking in the depths of your closet.

Though many, with good reason, love to look towards the future while dressing for now, with Fall 2015's turn towards the 80s, there may be not escape from turning back to items once cherished. One in terms being the daunting shoulder-pad sweater. Shown up above on Amanda Laine, a sequined shoulder-pad sweater is place over a blue-and-metallic pinstripe shirt creating for a retro vibe. Coming together at a combined price of $3,075, the look can be re-created for less with a basic striped crew-neck sweater. Which can later be turned into a D.I.Y project for those who wish to add shoulder pads to create an authentic look.

For modern finishing touches, statement items make there way into the spotlight. While the collection's Spicy sandals range in price from $1,540 to $2,778, Bebe offers a series of ethnic embellished accessories that will be sure to make you everyone’s main focus.
1. Striped crew-neck sweater, Oldnavy, $22.50, visit 2. Feather obi belt, Bebe, $69, visit 3. Campus pleat skirt, Lover, $265, visit 4. "Fay" exotic sandals, Bebe, visit
For information on where to purchase Louis Vuitton Spring 2015 items, visit


Dexter said...

I was never sure if LV is worth it's price, and now I know it isn't. I like the Spicy sandals, great idea, but there isn't as much work behind it that would need these shoes to cost almost $3000. I am amazed by Bebe's copy: had they came out with this pair a few months earlier, they could sell easily sell it for $300:)

CoutureAtTheDoor said...

wow 2k for that sweater is A LOT of cash! D:
hm but the whole look is soooooooo AMAZING! one of my favorite looks from the collection! the high-waisted micromini! the sweater with sequined stripes and undershirt! GORGEOUS!

It really does sadden one to try to copy a look with pieces worth less, because like it's still not the same! ):

Fashion Moment said...

Amazing collage! Great pieces.


Modelizer said...

LV has no sense of reality, which is funny because it seems like a lot of designer labels [or at least massive designer department stores such as saks and barneys] seem to have come into a bit of reality and realized that they need to work for that 2k and not just put a label on it.

Thank you for the well wishes, I went into SF to shoot today but wasn't fully in the shooting spirit, the windows bored me :( Sad that I'm stuck windowless for at least another week. But funny that you said that about CK because I think that the jeans/lesser labels will always be about sex, while the "white label" is about over simplicity/minimalism [obviously] and the windows often show it in the front display. I wonder if they'll start sexing up their windows now with the popularity of the current ads and if that means they'll start carrying the jeans label in the Madison store to make a profit [because seriously more people are going to buy 18 dollar underwear than an 1800 dollar bag]

zoe aka drinkupthefashion said...

i love this LV look and the "cheaper" version you put together.

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Boubou said...

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