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Trend Watch - The Little Black Dress Goes Glam

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Sequined, crystallized, laced, or otherwise embellished by any means - the item that any woman should not be without takes an eye-catching plunge into the spotlight. One that mind require sunglasses in some cases. At thigh grazing lengths and finished off with bold cut-outs, the dull and boring thought off your basic old black is no more. Simplicity may be able to go a long way, but there is no shame in a little fashion pick-me-up ever now and again.

The little black dress, the lovely black dress, or merely the LBD, what ever you may call it, one thing that is for certain is that it isn't your mothers basic yet beautiful dress. With Louis Vuitton's introduction of the "Spicy" sandal, the question of "do you need to spice up your life?" has officially been raised.

Though with Christophe Decarnin's revival of Balmain, the little black dress has been given a new life long before Spring 2015. To some, hearing the words short, tight, and studded all together used to describe a dress may seem cringe worthy. But to anyone with eyes, there is no denying the instant success of Decarnin's magical way with a little black dress. With Peter Dundas's fresh start a Emilio Pucci, the designer takes the house noted for it's many eye-cathing prints and patterns, and finds a new way to drive the Pucci faithful wild. Which so happens to include me
How They Styled It:

1.) Making her round promoting her new movie, "Star Trek", Zoe Saldana left a path of fashion followers pleasantly stunned with mouth watering as took to the red carpet in her many amazing ensembles. One being an Emilio Pucci Fall 2015 dress fresh off of the runway. Which she paired with her Brian Atwood heels. The long sleeved sequined mini alone reminds me why Peter Dundas is one of my most beloved designers.

2.) Though she may be a teen idol and not yet the epitome of style, Taylor Swift proves to many teens alike that being on trend while still age-apporiate is all too possible. As shown her when the songstress wore a Collette Dinnigan Spring 2015 LBD with silver sequin embellishments.

3.) With Balmain currently ruling over the lives of the edgier crowd, well at least myself, a match made in heaven was witnessed when Selita Ebanks opted not to wear a Valentino creation to the "Valentino: The Last Emperor" New York Premire. Instead choosing a mind boggling Balmain Fall 2008 dress with cut-outs that were replaced with lace, then adorned with zippers and crystals. Can anything be more beautiful?


E said...

I love Zoe Saldana and that Pucci number creates such a deep pit of envy in my heart. Those shoes she picked - *sigh*!

I'm also thrilled to know about this blog!

UberOriginal said...

Ah these dresses are killer! I am worried that as Balmain becomes popular and its unique edge filters through fashion's tiers it will lose its special touch. But for now it remains my favourite designer! xx

thehighheeltimes said...

Oh boy, Balmain...their dresses are superb, fantastic, marvellous; I can call it whatever you want, you see my point :)
Right behind (?) Balmain, the other perfect creation on this world is Selita Ebanks.
Now, if these two factors meet, you can imagine, how I feel. Plus, wearing Balmain at a Valentino event, that is something extraordinary too!

Nikki said...

My only issue about these dresses is that they all look alike. When I saw the Pucci one on the runway, i immediately thought of how Balmain-ic it was.

BUT they are still sexy, gorgeous dresses that will make any woman feel so good!

kingchic said...

Let's begin with Saldana in Pucci: This outfit is MONEY honey. Saldana looks drop dead grogeous in this Peter Dundas for Pucci. Her cohesive spherical jewelery works well on account of its minimalistic quality against such an attention grabbing dress. Topped of with Brian Atwood's... HELLO! <3

As much as I want to, I truly cannot say the same about Ms. Swift. Her hair and poor choices for accessories turn down the appeal of such a cute dress. Also, I feel that her figure isn't as curvy or bodacious as such a dress usually requires. A change in hairstyle from time to time wouldn't hurt either.

Selita in Balmain: And the brand-trend lives on. I don't see Balmain going anywhere anytime soon. If anything, it will commercialize towards more Hollywood stars rather than only clustering around insider fashionistas who have bank to back it up. This Balmain truly takes the cake solely because ALL the detailing makes the eye dance from the crystalized bolder shoulders, to the aced-like deteriorated lace, the zippers, to the shortest hem line of the season. Muah Christophe.

CoutureAtTheDoor said...

those LBDS are AMAZING,
with the embellishments and such.
the balmain one is to die for, so is the pucci number!

zoe aka drinkupthefashion said...

i loved reading this entry, because when i saw all three of these ladies when they first wore their amazing LBDs i was ecstatic with fashion passion. ahahahahaha :)

zoe saldana was STUNNING in her pucci creation and taylor swift was enrapturing in her dinnigan ensemble. but i will never ever forget selita ebanks in her balmain dress. she is such a goddess!

papa_levante said...

I adore what Selita's wearing. Merely, I just find Zoe and Taylor's dresses as ugly. Even though Selita's dress is all sorts of mix-and-match, I find it appealing with the sheer sections.

(Darling, I have nothing to say! I did my best trying to "make something up" but that's the best can usher out of myself to sound half as fashion expertise-y.)

MITICA said...

Is my prefer dress!!

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