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Alexander Wang Pre-Fall 2015 - A Hot Commodity

Friday, June 19, 2015

New York High Society and American sportswear collide though the creative mind of Alexander Wang. With his ability to mix the two worlds and create pieces that women in around the world crave to own, it's no surprise that at Monday's CFDA awards, Wang received that Swarovski Award for Womenswear. As with each collection created by the young designer, we can only wait to see what he does next.

Currently the object of our affection, Wangs very desirable Pre-Fall collection. Back in December when Pre-Fall presentations were staged, who could not have said that they were not blown away by Chanel's highly detailed show. Though sticking to the basics yet adding more to his diverse and decisive archive, proved to be a winning force in the hearts of many.

Why can't we just get enough of Wang's Pre-Fall 2015 collection do you sit and ponder? As bold mind blowing mini dresses and transparent fabrics hit light, Wang's creations can only be viewed as natural, while the thigh grazers produced from our noted veterans sometimes seem a bit forced.

While Spring 2015 leaves shop and Pre-Fall & Fall starts to trickle into store, don't be suprised if you find it slightly difficult to get your hands on the sensible figure enhancing garments.



All Exclusive Fashion said...

I love Alexander Wang...and I agree with you, the rest of the world does too. The dress just sold out at Net-A-Porter last night. I'm slowly counting down the days til his Spring 2015 show. Love your blog!!

Dexter said...

Awesome pieces, especially the dress, and as always, I love you work, beautiful again!

♥ fashion chalet said...

I love the way Rihanna rocks the blazer. :)



the fitter corset dress is EVERYWHERE! i LOVE it though!

Modelizer said...

So much Wang, it's exhausting! I feel like Alex is a good designer, he can't be compared to anyone else but at the same time he has American Apparel disease because it's supposed to be basics and chill but when everyone can tell who it is, it defeats the purpose.

kingchic said...

Let me begin by stating this is my FAV post/collage of yours as of late. You have an amazing eye for spotting such subtle AWang pieces. Even knowing that Rihanna douses her body in AWang frequently, I wouldn't have know that blazer had his name on the label.

I completely agree in that while everyone was blown away by Chanel’s Russian-influenced Pre-Fall extravaganza, Wang’s simple/edgy aesthetic has stolen the show. His clothes have that wearability factor, for every occasion (From super chic + casual on Rihanna, to night-time event worth dressing on Julia).

On the other hand, I don't know if I agree with Modelizers comment abt Alexander having American Apparel disease. The only reason everyone can tell who it is, is because the spotlight has been on his collections, and hasn't shifted at all. When every hot celebrity/fashionista is donning your apparel (or even craving it), we see it and hear about it and that's how we know its AWang. When someone wears American Apparel, I can't always tell its AA...? Idunno, maybe I'm interpreting Modelizers comment in a different way.

Anywho, Julia looks fabuloso in the corset dress + jacket <3


Sushi said...

I love that dress so much x Sushi

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