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Christian Lacroix Fall 2015 Couture

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Months have passed since Christian Lacriox has become victim to the financial crisis as of late. Filing for the French equivalent to the United State's bankruptcy, the couturier has joined the list of downsizing designers. On a long and bumpy road to this season's couture presentation, points of uncertainty and worry could easily be picked up on. A short while prior to the collection, a spokeswoman first described the present display as a “very small and simple presentation”. Which undoubtedly came to be.

Showing a collection of 24 looks instead of the 39 in his last couture round-up, the few pieces shown spoke volumes, rather than flood memory. Reflecting the wants and needs of women today. Stripping the show of it's brighter and more festive hues, the designer opted for a more darkened palette. While it may first appear depressing due to Lacroix's current condition, the new found appreciation for interchangeable luxury items may easily rival Galliano's recent Couture showing.

Numerous bows sprinkled throughout, appearing on jackets and at one point a draped top. Rich laces, somber yet lively daywear, and embellished evening skirts gowns and sleeves, the thing that first drove interest into the hearts of those that first fell in love with Lacriox's spectacular works are sure to be pleasantly taken back.

As the Spring 2015 collections are quickly approaching, we can only cross our fingers and hope for the absolute best.


Marquis de Lannes said...

Espero que continue...
Monsieur Lacroix, estamos con usted!

Rich Hippie said...

Wow im like simply blown away by your blog, I used to follow your old one and just found out about this new one!!!
Everything looks simply amazing, just had a quick question about what kind of photoshop program you use?
Do you do any freelance work, im kind of working on an online swap meet store.
Drope a comment if interested, if not, thanks for you time
A seriouslly do love your blog

Ald0rad0 said...

Great post, wanna swap links? Haha, kidding.

I like Lacroix, he was one of the most authentic and skilled designers. Damn, it's awful to see him folding when there are some other talentless persons out there thriving in this frecession.

But, c'est la vie. Oh, and your images are great, which program/application do you use??

cheers, your blog is great!

Inside Mode said...

@ Ald0rad0 - Haha you scared me for a second with that first comment. :P
Thanks for the compliment! I use Photoshop CS2. It seems pretty tough at first, but one you get used to it, magic can happens.
Hope to see you around.:)

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