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DIY Runway - Effortlessly Easy Hair

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

As July rolls in and weather takes to an all new high, today's girl on the go is in dire need of an easier form elegance. If you are like the majority of women at the moment, your plays just as much a vital roll in your life as your wardrobe. Classic pin curls and the 1960's bouffants may appear nice, but are increasingly time consuming. Not to mention, very irrelevant to the season's feel of ease in air. Whilst strong silhouettes and rock ready get ups have made their way down recent Spring catwalks, the time has now come to take a try at what may become something simply irresistible.

From Armani's woman fresh from the pool (rather than lagoon) to Balmain's 80s remake, the latest trends in hair prove that when styled with not much thought in mind, a little simplicity can go a long way. Nothing shows to be more stunning in the summer months, than something more natural. Whether lounging around trying to keep cool or out running a few necessary errands, the extra minutes gained from the simpler things in life will surly make for added relaxation.

The minimalist quality of the ponytail makes geometry a little more sensual. At Calvin Klein, Francisco Costa's exaggerated view of the female form marks the start of futuristic design. While the crimped and sculptural hairdos shown at Dior can easily be viewed as art, the chances of the towering structures cooperating with your everyday ensemble is slim to none. Which most likely explains why the only architecture seen at Calvin Klein, was found on the clothes themselves. Pulling the hair back into a slight ponytail and running excess strands behind the ear, is not only an easy resort to modern elegance, but adds life and emotion to your more harder of pieces.

What does your hair sometimes look like when lounging around when on a much needed vacation? Chances are it looks much like the hair seen at Giorgio Armani. The view of luxury and sophistication gets renewed once again. Full of life Armani opts for raw sexuality. Hot, wet, and full of sweat. Not what first comes to mind when you think luxury, is it? Felt down in front and held up in back, the center part pays us a visit once more and makes you beach resort ready.

The eighties are back, and with good reason the textured monstrosities of the past have stayed not returned. With the rise of Balmain and the length of hemlines, perfection isn't all as what it seemed before. Movement and the appearance of the lack of thought put into what your wearing makes of a very attractive spontaneity. Rolling with the punches and lacking life day by day, the life style of the Balmain-bound rocker lives on. Freshly washed, conditioned, then blown out - the styling of Christophe Decarnin's object of Spring affection knows how to spend her time, and wasting it on her hair isn't in on her list of to-dos. Topped with a strong bold eyebrow, power is once again in the hands of woman.

Images: The Celebrity City, First View, Catwalking


thefatandskinnyonfashion said...

cut hair looks

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous looks! Adore the variety in your collage, darling! Balmain = love :)


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