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Backstage Beauty - Fall 2015 Haute Couture

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

After all of the shows have finished, the models have left and dresses gone - for those that don't have the golden ticket to the creations seen coming down the runway, what you left with? The answer, an overwelling amount of influence and inspiration. While there aren't really set trends within Haute Couture, and when looking at the shows you will come across a mixed bag of direction, the common thread shared is beauty.

As the typically well-detailed pieces take center stage, the story played out on the models faces are almost always high on glamour and low on distraction (Dior being an exception). While you might not jump at the idea of Galliano's full-on theatrical performance, the simplicity of an easy winged eye and fresh face, as seen at Chanel and Givenchy, holds enough drama to take it's place on a more positive side.

The desire for a handcrafted couture delight may remain, the sky is the the limit for what can be influenced by looks practically burned into or minds.

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Tee Sea said...

OMG, that make-up is so expensive!! The Jean-Paul Gaultier look is fucking fabulously glamourous in every way though

thischicksgotstyle said...

The middle picture is incredible :)
I should definately try to pull that off this autumn!
And thanks for your sweet comments!!

x! yara

Lily said...

That eye make up is amazing in the third picture absolutely love it. Not such a fan of the first picture though, I feel bleach eyebrows drown peoples features.

Inside Mode said...

@Lily I feel the same way about bleached eye brows. They only look good on a select few. I actually didn't notice that her brows were bleached until you mentioned it. I guess I just chose to ignore that.:P
Thanks for pointing it out!

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