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On The Street With Ida Pyk - Tights as Pants

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Black tights - a fall necessity. Black tights instead of pants - a fall nightmare? If your name just so happens to be Ida Pyk and you coincidentally contribute to Elle Sweden, black tights do more help than harm in your world.

With her over-sized black Balenciaga bag by her side and gold sequined Miu Miu Fall 2008 pumps on her feet, Ida takes to the street, and blazes a path in the process. Having the courage to wear the looks that sometimes make you want to rip off your pants, throw on some heels, and walk the street. Which might sound a little daunting (and a few other things that will go unmentioned).

Seeing that tights are already used as excuse to wear denim cut-offs in the middle of winter (see Irina Kulikova after Chanel Fall 2015) , they might just also work in your favor if you truly don't feel an urge to go commando. As the hemline of dresses continue to raise each season and your old mini becomes a micro-mini, black tights may be right up your alley. Though styling a look with Ida's chic edge may take the world some time to grasp, don't be surprised this fall when a total take over of your essential black tights occurs.

Would you trade your pants for tights?

Images: The Sartorialist & Style Sightings


thesydneygirl said...

i lived in tights this winter... still in tights (spring now)

great post lovely!

thefatandskinnyonfashion said...

i love tights and just got some in extra cool colors too.


Tights are a must! I need to get more, more more more!

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