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Rodarte Spring 2015

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Is it possible for New York Fashion Week to go on without everyone's favorite label on the rise? Which I don't even consider to be on the rise anymore, seeing tat with looks like these it's impossible to do wrong no matter what.

Since their total and complete take over of the hearts of millions with their Fall 2008 collection, where dresses were inspired by blood moving through water, Rodarte is my equivalent to Paris' Givenchy. By that I mean, dark, sensual, and too gorgeous for words.

As Alexander Wang has his hands full with Jill Stuart's latest turn to body-con, Miuccia Prada's primitive woman has just found some competition her own (and I mean that in the best way possible). With a moss and sand covered runway, that later lead to a model taking the annual Rodarte Spring tumble (seen in every Spring collection since 2015), it did not take much to tell where Kate and Laura Mulleavy got their inspiration this season. The early stages of humanity, just like Prada Fall 2008.

Normally when a show opens with plaid tops your mind instantly goes to Fall, but somehow doing the impossible, nothing seemed more right. Whether it was a clever scheme to get the few plaid looks on the backs of celebs ASAP as we head into Fall or just a just a way to add a special contrast print to the show, I would call the opening looks transitional dressing at it's finest.

Later going into are more modern mix of zip trousers and chich transparencies, which we could have only saw coming from Donatella Versace, it's the three closing dresses at the end of the show that stole my heart.

Though I'm going to be on a mission for those zip pants once they're available, the eclectic mix of cut-outs formed by draping paired alongside fur was just absolutely perfect. Don't count on seeing one of those dresses at the Emmy's on Sunday, but except one to show up somewhere soon.
Body-con Count: 4
Sheer Count: 7 1/2
Look Total: 2035
The Full Collection After The Jump

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Images: Marcio Madeira


Anonymous said...

You really would expect those pants from Versace, maybe even Pucci. Rodarte made my week though so I'm glad I could see the pics in hqs. I don't know if she did Rodarte last season but OMG FREJA!! perfect fit

kingchic said...

Season after season, the Mulleavy girls send out brilliance and deliver for New York. Every Rodarte show strengthens my passion for fashion; I can't get enough!

This collection was sensational. Nobody in the business today can take beauty, make it ugly, and vamp it back to beautiful again like they can. Every piece was so unique and amazingly constructed. # of fabrics they used? I'll guess 332432! lol I just saw closeups of the shoes (again by Kirkwood) and they are epic.

Rodarte collections,for me, are more than just fashion shows; they are moving art exhibits made to inspire.


Inside Mode said...

@KingChic That's such a beautiful way to put it. I remember seeing one of the closing dresses from the Fall 08 collection in the Fit Gothic Dark Glamour Exhibit, and it's stayed with me since. That and the Alexander McQueen Microscope slide dress. It truly is an exhibit.

Dexter said...

Rodarte is always up for something special! This show was spectacular as well, thanks for suming up the collection!

Modelizer said...

I must be the only tainted person unimpressed by this clearly mis-seasoned collection [everything about it felt F|W, including the fabric choices] I've said it before and I'll say it again...Rodarte is nice in theory but the construction of what they create looks an arts and crafts project gone wrong. It always feels like they went to Mood, got all the scarps of fabric that they could, got some cloth glue, and got to work.

I'm sure it'll get a lot of editorial loving, which is great--it's dream like and should be in an editorial, but I have yet to be wowed by their vision.

Fashion Chalet said...

There is definitely an Irish aesthetic to it all. Love the coverage on FW! :)


zoe aka drinkupthefashion said...

i'm proabably the only fashion blogger that didn't enjoy the show.
i loved reading your entry though, they are always so well done :)

Girl in the loft said...


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