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Saturday, September 05, 2015

If you haven't paid a visit to lately to search through the latest in runway looks or have yet to register for their Daily Fashion Flash (only during the runway season) & Weekly News, your probably still left out in the dark with the their most up to date features.

One being it's collaboration with ShopStyle. The site in which you can browse through specific looks based on what you want, without having to go through each website in it's own, or even having to turn to Google Search.

Adding a fully functional Shop The Looks area to their Shopping section, when your looking through some of your favorite collections, a message will appear under the "view fullscreen" notice, categorizing the current look on your screen. After clicking the link, you will then be taken to the Shop The Looks area. Where you can fill your heart's desires with anything and everything from runway looks to the similar items we all know and love. Equipped with a feature that waters down the items based on Influence.

Fall shopping has gotten a lot easier thanks to Giving you all the more reason to be hooked.



Patty Ann said...

I'm going to register for Daily Fashion Flash now!! I didn't know about it!

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